Hundreds of patients can visit a medical facility on a daily basis. Many of them are there for common, routine procedures. For any medical visit, health professionals must follow certain policies to ensure the highest levels of patient safety. However, sometimes mistakes happen, often with these routine procedures. Today, Carter Law Offices would like to discuss why common procedures can often lead to medical malpractice claims and show you how to choose a medical malpractice attorney in Hartwell, GA:

Routine procedures generally lead to claims. Why do everyday medical procedures come with a higher risk of medical malpractice? Research shows that the number of times a medical professional conducts a specific procedure affects their level of attention and care. For example, doctors or nurses who routinely do the same procedures over and over often perform the tasks monotonously. The end result can sometimes be an increase in error, bad judgement, and a failure to recognize a misstep or bad practice.

Recent reports show that the bulk of medical malpractice claims arise from mistakes during the following common procedures:

  • Biopsy
  • Medical imaging
  • Punctures
  • Tube insertion
  • Scopes 
  • Injections 

Do you know how to choose a medical malpractice attorney? When it comes to finding the right attorney, you need to work with a lawyer that has medical knowledge, industry contacts, and extensive experience in field of the law. They should tell you upfront about the medical malpractice statute of limitations in Georgia, among other details. Also, you should only work with a medical malpractice attorney who keeps you well-informed throughout the entire claims process.

Filing a medical malpractice claim can often be complicated. With this in mind, it’s important to work alongside a medical malpractice lawyer when filing your claim. If you’re still wondering how to choose a medical malpractice attorney, call the Carter Law Offices in Hartwell, GA.