Whether you work in a small office, a large warehouse, or a company vehicle, you have to work safely. Unfortunately, workplace hazards sometimes cause injuries. This risk increases when the weather is bad, especially when ice or snow is involved. If you’re hurt on the job, a workers’ comp lawyer can help you. Here are some common winter workplace injuries that the Carter Law Offices want you to be aware of.

Slips and falls

As the temperatures drop, trapped moisture can create slippery surfaces.  This risk gets even greater when a storm brings ice and snow to our area. You should always be on the lookout for slippery areas both inside and outside of a building. Employers should alert staff to slippery areas, such as setting up caution signs or advising that you exercise care when walking on ice. This risk should be taken seriously since slips and falls can cause serious injuries.

Auto accidents

Workers who travel or transport items as a part of their workday need to be cautious while driving in the winter. From black ice to low visibility, there are many factors that increase your chances for an auto accident. Follow safe driving practices when heading out on a delivery or work call. Also, be sure to check the weather before hitting the road.

Falling objects

If a winter storm hits, there are dangers that you have to be aware of – and these don’t stop just because the storm ends. Piles of snow on a roof or sparkling icicles may seem harmless from a distance. However, these objects can be very dangerous once they start to melt and fall. Always be aware of what’s above you before entering and exiting a building this winter.

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