Drunk driving accidents and other types of personal injury cases are absolute nightmares. Beyond the trauma of the incident itself, victims must focus on their physical and emotional health. They must also prepare to battle the insurance companies that are involved. Insurers will often fight for what’s in the best interests of their companies, not the victims. Carter Law Offices wants you to know why you need to hire personal injury lawyers near you to fight the insurance companies, especially in a DUI case:

Insurance companies may not want the truth to be told. If you’re the victim of a DUI accident, you’ll want to file a claim to receive compensation for your property loss, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. A plaintiff should expect to have to face an insurance company in order to receive these damages. However, insurance companies may try to downplay the truth of what happened in order to keep from having to pay this compensation. Omission of any facts could have a real impact on a DUI case.

Personal injury lawyers have experience going against insurers. Fighting an insurance company on your own is a nearly impossible battle. Insurers will have their own team of lawyers whose sole job is to find loopholes in your case. Don’t give an insurance company any room for an escape. Instead, make sure you have a personal injury attorney on your side who knows how to deal with insurance companies and hold them accountable.

Don’t wait to contact a personal injury lawyer. Never wait to contact a personal injury attorney for DUI or other cases. Waiting allows an insurance company start buildng their own defense. Contacting a lawyer as soon as you’re able will most certainly give you an edge.

If you’ve been injured by someone else, find personal injury lawyers near you in Hartwell, GA at the Carter Law Offices. We’ll fight the insurance companies to get you the largest settlement possible. Schedule a consultation today.