Getting hurt on the job is a serious matter. Not only does it affect your ability to work, but it also can cause your quality of life to suffer. Filing a workers’ compensation claim is the first step in getting the benefits you deserve. Here are the steps you must take in order to file for workers’ comp in the state of Georgia.

  1. Get the medical attention you need. Your health comes first. Seek first aid or go to the doctor or hospital if necessary.
  2. Notify your employer. Let your supervisor know about your injury as soon as you possibly can. Many companies have risk management procedures in place to carry out appropriate documentation and investigation, if necessary.
  3. File the paperwork. In Georgia, Form WC-14 needs to be filed with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. A copy should also be sent to your employer, as well as to the insurance company that provides their workers’ compensation coverage.
  4. Wait for approval. If all goes well, your claim will be approved and you’ll be eligible to start collecting benefits. Here in Georgia, if you miss more than seven days due to your condition, you can collect a maximum of $500 each week. You may be able to receive these benefits for up to 400 weeks. However, if your claim is denied, you may choose to file an appeal. This can be a complicated process that is best left to a qualified workers’ comp attorney.

Although we all want to believe that our employers will take care of us if they’re at fault for an injury, there are times when they (or their insurance companies) want to avoid paying workers’ comp claims. Don’t wait to see if this happens to you. Have a workers’ compensation attorney on your side from the beginning. If you’ve been injured at work in the Hartwell, GA area, call Carter Law Offices today.