When you’re trying to find a workers’ compensation attorney, you’ll probably talk about the possibility that your case will merit a hearing. You’ll probably discuss settlement options as well. The workers’ comp lawyer at Carter Law Offices in Hartwell, GA wants you to understand what these two things are so you can be prepared.

Workers’ compensation hearings are proceedings that are generally much more brief a trial. These hearings are held before a judge who specializes in these types of claims. Workers’ compensation settlements are arrangements in which both parties come to a monetary or other type of agreement rather than continuing on with a hearing.

Will my case warrant a hearing? In the early stages of filing your claim, it will be difficult to tell if you’ll need to present your claim at a hearing with a workers’ comp judge. After your lawyer has discussed your claim with a claims administrator, they’ll determine if a hearing is the best course for your case. Hearings are generally an expensive process, so a lawyer might recommend a settlement depending on your claim and individual situation.

Should I settle, and when? An expert lawyer will advise you on when and if you should settle your case. The key is to not settle until you’re fully aware of all the facts needed to maximize your settlement. However, if you’ve suffered severe injuries that will have lasting physical or mental damages, you shouldn’t settle until a medical professional has stated that you are stable or that your condition has greatly improved. You need to find a workers’ compensation attorney with extensive experience in settlements so you can get the compensation you deserve.

Find a workers’ compensation attorney in Hartwell, GA who will truly help you through a hearing, a trial, a settlement, and the rest of the workers’ compensation process. Stephen C. Carter and the team at Carter Law Offices are here for you. Call us for a consultation today.