If you’ve been hit by a drunk driver, one thing’s for sure: you’ll need legal help. That’s because DUI accidents can cause some of the worst injuries – even fatalities. When you hire a personal injury attorney in Athens, GA, you’ll want to make sure they take certain actions in your case. Here are four things an attorney should do for clients injured by drunk drivers according to Carter Law Offices:

  1. Get records of the incident – You and your lawyer will need records and other pieces of factual information for your case. Your personal injury attorney needs to obtain the DUI arrest affidavit, DUI tests (including breath and blood tests), the 911 recording, and any video of the incident scene from the police. Your lawyer will also need to get a certified copy of the DUI defendant’s conviction.
  2. Ask you for regular updates on possible subpoenas – Your lawyer should also lay out expectations for communication with you. Specifically, they may ask you to keep them informed about whether you’ve received any subpoenas related to the incident. Communication is vital for these types of serious cases and you need to share any information with your personal injury lawyer.
  3. Get a settlement offer or file suit – Next, your personal injury attorney should discuss settlement options with the drunk driver’s insurance company and attorney. Should the other parties refuse to settle, then your lawyer will likely file a suit. Once the suit is filed, your attorney may also file an additional motion to seek punitive damages.
  4. Learn about the defendant’s financial resources – Finally, your attorney should delve into the financial resources  of the drunk driver. Will they be able to pay any compensation that’s awarded to you? Should punitive damages be granted, your lawyer should inform you right away.

Hire a reliable personal injury attorney in Athens, GA by contacting Carter Law Offices. We’ll help you with your case and fight to make sure you receive just compensation for your injuries.