Understanding your state’s personal injury laws is key to making sure your own case gets heard in court. At Carter Law Offices, our personal injury attorney wants you to be aware of the requirements for personal injury cases in the state of Georgia. If you’ve been hurt through no fault of your own, we suggest that call our personal injury lawyer in Hartwell, GA so you’ll be eligible for the compensation you deserve.

  • Time limit – In Georgia, you have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit claim. If you try to file after this period, the chances of the court hearing your case are drastically reduced. Working with a qualified personal injury lawyer like Stephen C. Carter from the start means you’ll meet all necessary deadlines.
  • Fault law – If both you and the other party involved in accident are found to share fault for the incident, Georgia’s fault law says the court can reduce or completely eliminate the damages awarded.
  • Auto insurance laws – For anyone injured because of an auto accident, the state allows you the chance to file any claims through an insurance company, file through a third party in connection with the other driver’s insurance agency, or file a full lawsuit in court.
  • Dog attack or bite cases – Owners with dogs that have bitten or attacked another individual are found to be completely at fault for the event or strictly liable. If the injured party can prove that the dog was off leash or not right beside the owner, then the owner is held responsible.

If you’ve been injured in Georgia and need a personal injury attorney in Hartwell, GA, pleas call Carter Law Offices. Stephen C. Carter is an experienced personal injury lawyer who’s ready to fight for you in court. Don’t trust an important matter like this to anyone else.