It feels like it comes out of nowhere: You’re walking along enjoying your day when you feel your foot slip out beneath you.The world turns into a blur. The next thing you know, you are on the ground in pain. Maybe you bumped your head or twisted an ankle. All you know is that you had no warning that the area was slick. Depending on the damage done to your body, these types of injuries can be very costly, in terms of both money and the time it takes to heal. Should you look for lawyers in Hartwell, GA to help you recover what you’ve lost? At Carter Law Offices, our slip and fall attorney wants you to take the right steps if you ever find yourself in this type of situation. It could make or break your case!

  1. Immediately call for medical attention – As soon as you are able, make sure that you or someone else calls for medical attention. You may not think the fall was that bad at first. However, some injuries (like concussions) aren’t obvious or take time to present themselves.
  2. Search and inspect the area – Do a thorough inspection of the area where you fell. Look for water puddles, grease stains, or anything else that could have caused your tumble.
  3. Find a witness – Look around and find someone who watched you fall. Get their name and number in case you need to contact them for your case.
  4. Take photos of your injuries, not smiles – Pictures say a thousand words. Document your injuries and the area where you fell. Do not take pictures of you smiling because it could be used against you in court – and don’t post anything on social media.

If you’ve been hurt, it’s worth calling a personal injury lawyer who’s experienced in slip and fall cases. Carter Law Offices has lawyers in Hartwell, GA who are ready to represent you in court. Give our office a call today for a consultation.